The Rise of Smart Apartments

From dial-up internet to the NBN the home has always been the forefront of embracing new technologies. This desire to embrace the newest and most advanced technologies has led to a dramatic rise in the Smart Home. From keyless entry, voice-controlled appliances, scheduled lighting and blinds, and state-of-the-art security features, the Smart Home is offering convenience, security, and luxury to once regular apartments.


Smart Automation Systems is helping bring the future of smart home automation to the present with their customisable Smart Home Packages. At the forefront of the technology space, Smart Automation Systems is combining personalised voice assistants with the advancing technology in the home automation space to create spaces truly spectacular. Full control via phone/tablet, voice control and automatic scheduling throughout the home. From automatic blinds that set with the sun, to total climate control at the touch of your fingertips on your phone whether at home or away.


Although personalised voice assistants such as Siri have been around since 2011, it was the Amazon Echo which launched in 2014 that changed the way virtual personal assistants are integrated with our regular lives. The reception for the virtual personal assistant in the home has been widespread, with an estimated 50% of renters owning a virtual personal assistant such as the Google Home, or Amazon Echo, it highlights the rapid rise of Smart Homes in a short timeframe. Perhaps the biggest indication of the rapid rise of the Smart Home industry is the market share of the smart home appliances, starting just a few years ago and now being valued at a huge $37 billion.


Smart Home’s aren’t just popular for the budding homeowner looking to deck out their house with the latest technology, 60% of renters between ages 18-35 would prefer a Smart Home to a regular home. Smart Homes are offering a point of difference for landlords looking to capitalize in an over-saturated renting market.


Maybe we might never get to a ‘Jarvis’ level of home automation, but in the last few years alone the technology has shown continual growth and in return is being more widely accepted bringing us to the simple fact, Smart Homes are here to stay. If you are interested in learning more about the technology and features of the rapidly growing Smart Home, visit