This page is intended for Smart Property Installers only.  Smart Voice is only licensed through Smart Property Installers including integrators and electricians who wish to add voice to their product offerings.

How Smart Voice is sold

Smart Voice is a software as a service offering, which requires the purchase of a control system license.  Each installation of Smart Voice at a customer site requires a control system license, which provides the connection between a voice assistant and the backend Smart Home Control System.  

An unlimited number of Smart Speakers can be connected to a single control system license, but a control system license can only be connected to a single backend Smart Home System (e.g. Wiser 2, Push, Nero etc).  If a premise uses more than a single control system, then multiple licenses will need to be supplied to the customer.

Smart Voice control system licenses are sold on the Smart Voice Online Store.  Once an Installer has registered, they will be provided with the store password.

Demo License

Installers are first invited to test out Smart Voice with a discounted demo license, which can be installed in their home or office only.  The price of the license includes assistance with initial set-up and configuration of this first Smart Voice installation.  

Integrators who are interested in a demo license should register their interest here: Smart Voice Registration.  In order to register as an integrator, you will be required to supply your ABN and Company Website.  This ensures that only qualified integrators and electricians have access to the Smart Voice license.

Customer Licenses

Customer licenses can be purchased as a single or in bulk on the Smart Voice Store.  Volume discounts apply to Smart Voice license purchases.