Control your home with your voice, using a range of smart speakers.

Why Smart Voice?

Smart Voice provides the bridge between your backend automation systems, such as Clipsal C-bus, Schneider Push, Environexus Nero or Airtopia with front end voice speakers including Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple Siri.

What is needed to install Smart Voice?

Smart Voice is a licensed product and requires no hardware to be installed.  Smart Voice is a cloud platform which requires connection and configuration.

How do I get Smart Voice?

Smart Voice is licensed through registered installers, who provide the connection and configuration services to home owners and commercial property owners.  You can find a list of our registered installers in the “Approved Installers” menu item from the drop down Home Owners menu.

I would like more information…

You can get more info on Smart Voice using the following channels:

  1. Download our brochure here -> SmartVoice Brochure
  2. Contact one of our approved installers -> Approved Installers
  3. Send us an email at
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