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What is Smart Voice?

Until now smart home control has always required contact with a physical device, be it a switch, app or remote. Smart Voice finally removes this need enabling control in the most natural, intuitive and convenient way, via Voice. Providing voice control for a range of home automation systems, Smart Voice changes any smart home into the home of the future, using an always listening smart speaker. With simple and adaptable commands, Smart Voice can operate virtually any device, system or appliance.

How it Works

  • Speak a Single Phrase

    Smart Voice connects with a range of automation systems, providing voice control of almost any device within your smart home.

  • Your Devices React

    Smart Voice can turn on the lights, open the blinds, set the temperature, control your TV & AV systems or even make you a coffee.

  • Get Feedback

    Smart Voice can also provide feedback from your smart devices, such as how much energy you are using or the current temperature.

Don't just take our word for it..

The Future is Here

With all the major companies releasing Smart Speakers (speakers with in built voice assistants) and the market tipped to be a $5.5bn industry in the next 5 years, voice has truly become the next iteration in control. With Amazon having already sold more than 3.5 million of their Echo smart speakers, and Google having now launched their own Smart Speaker, Google Home. It wont be long until every home has some form of Smart Speaker or voice enabled device.

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